Fitness on wheels!

Every Monday night 8-9:30pm. 1 1/2 hours of drill-style roller skating mayhem for the best ass work out on earth. Basic skate instruction, go at your own pace. Open to men and women, all skill levels, 18+. Skate rentals available. Protective gear strongly recommended. $7.
Come skate with us ! Fast paced, fun music, no kids to trip over. If you just want to skate for fun, increase your fitness level, preparing for derby tryouts, rehabing an injury - give us a roll.

Once upon a roller rink there skated boys and girls whose love for speed, power and skill lead them to come together and create: ROLLERDURANCE. Monday nights they gear up and are met with the challenge of Endurance!, strengthening, speed-skating, balancing, falling and jumping & stretching properly. They come for the workout, they come to blow off steam, they come to play hard and bust balls and build friendships and to fight gravity (keep their asses from sagging). This group is open to the public,(18+) and to all skill levels. We will practice/demonstrate stops, falls & agility (jumps, turns, backward skating). Rollerdurance is unaffiliated with roller derby leagues.